How I Got Here: PART 1

To really understand why I am trying to make a transfer to MMA you have to go back to 2009. Like thousands of others I was first introduced to the UFC through The Ultimate Fighter. I was sitting in the living room with my Mum flicking channels when we find two guys hitting each other it seemed they were doing some kickboxing sparring. We had just finished watching the Sylvester Stallone show The Contender so we thought it was a new season we hadn’t heard about. So we start watching and they are sparring in a huge matted area, all of a sudden one of them gets double legged. A smooth shoot to a good take down and I perked up in my chair, you can’t wrestle in Kickboxing. So we wait for the show to be over, we see Chris Leben kicking down doors, everyone in the house except Nate Quarry is drunk as hell and at the end of the show we find out its called The Ultimate Fighter.

All I knew about the sport was that two guys could fight in a cage, I didn’t really know the rules, I didn’t know what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was and I had a sudden thirst to find out more. I did a lot of reading over the next few days, I learnt all about the rules, I watched the first couple UFC events when Royce Gracie steamrolled everyone and I found out a lot of the higher level guys had Black Belts in something. Most of them had multiple Black Belts. Anderson Silva was Middleweight Champion at the time and I saw he had a Black Belt in Judo, BJJ and in Taekwondo. He was an all around monster.

From that point on I devoured MMA, I watched loads of PRIDE events, and I watched all of the UFC events I could. In 2009 I was already a few seasons behind on The Ultimate Fighter so I caught up on all of them. I had already been doing Muay Thai for 18 months, I was 17 Years old and I felt that I needed to get a Black Belt to be in the UFC. I thought BJJ would be a good idea but by chance a Halls Taekwondo booth had been set up at the local shopping centre. I remembered Anderson Silva had a Black Belt in Taekwondo so after school one day I spoke to one of my first Taekwondo Instructors Leanne and I signed up.

I had started Taekwondo to get a Black Belt and heighten my chances of making the UFC. Then something strange happened, I was really good at Taekwondo.

(6 Years later and I challenge you to show me a Mum in her 40’s who has seen more episodes of The Ultimate Fighter/UFC Fights than my Mum)


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