New Routines

This month I have been working out my new routine. I am at a new Taekwondo club this year, I train BJJ more than I did last year and I am training in MMA. For the first time in my career as an athlete I am working 40 hours a week. I know a lot of other athletes have been doing this for a long time so I know it’s possible. What I am trying to find out is if it’s ideal.

I am, if anything, a pragmatist. I will happily eliminate something from my life if it doesn’t suit the end goal. However this philosophy is not always realistic. I have bills. I need to work. I am not fighting professionally yet. I guess at this point I am hoping that next year I will be winning an amount of prize money that would allow me to reduce my hours to 20 or so and then the year after to reduce them further depending on my success.

The more time I can focus on fighting the better. Because at this point I cannot afford to train full time I have to focus on fighting more frequently than the average athlete. Last year I only had 9 matches. This year I want to compete in at least 30 fights. It all starts this weekend.

On Saturday I am fighting the Gi -185lbs and Gi Absolute divisions at the Grappling Industries Melbourne Tournament. It is a round robin format so in my -185lbs division I will have at least 3 fights. The Absolute is single elimination so a minimum of 1. Same goes for Sundays Victorian Taekwondo Championships in which I will be fighting in the -87kg division. If I make the finals of each division by the end of the weekend I will have fought in 11 matches. 2 more than I had all last year.

I am looking forward to the challenge and win or lose I will have had a lot of fights and gained a lot of experience. Don’t take that thinking as a sign of weakness though, when I step into a fight, I step in to win.


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